Indiana State Fair: "Bridges to Japan" Exhibition

August 6 - 22, 2010

Minyo (Japanese Folk Dance & Song)

Minyo is a genre of traditional Japanese music meaning “folk song” is a term that has only been in use during the twentieth century. Many minyo are connected to forms of work or to specific trades and were originally sung between work or for specific jobs. Other minyo function simply as entertainment, as dance accompaniment, or as components of religious rituals.  In Japan, singers who can sing genuine minyo songs are much admired, as minyo songs are very difficult to sing and require great vocal control. Many Japanese feel that minyo music touches their deepest spirit, because it evokes a feeling of nostalgia for real or imagined home towns and family.

Minyo Club of Indianapolis and Indianapolis Minyo Dancers (Chieko Jacobs) will perform some Minyo dances, and Molly Jeon from Bloomington will sing some Minyo songs.

“Bridges to Japan” at the Indiana State Fair: Performance Times
Dance: Saturday, August 7: 5:00 pm (Indianapolis Minyo Dancers)
Song: Wednesday, August 11: 3:30 pm, 5:30 pm (Jeon)
Song: Thursday, August 12: 11:00 am, 1:30 pm (Jeon)
Dance: Sunday, August 15: 6:00 pm (Minyo Dancers of Indianapolis)



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Please use the links below to find descriptions and photos of the many activities that will be taking place at the "Bridges to Japan" Exhibition.

Description of All Activities

Bon-Odori Dance Festival

Bunraku Bay Puppet Theatre (Japanese Puppet Theatre)

Buyo (Japanese Classical Dance)

Cosplay Fashion Show (Open to Public)

Fort Wayne Taiko (Japanese Drum Group from Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Fukube (Gourd Painting) Craft

Ikebana (Flower Arrangement)

Indiana Okinawa Kenjinkai

Japanese Candyman Entertainer - Masaji Terasawa

Japanese Sweets Tasting & Demonstration



Kendo (Japanese Sword-Fighting)

Koto (Japanese musical instrument)

Kyudo (Japanese Archery)

Minyo (Japanese Folk Dance & Song)

Naginata (Japanese Warrior Halbert)

Peelander-Z (Japanese Action Comic Band)

Robots from Japan

Shamisen (Japanese musical instrument)

Sister City Celebration Week

Sumo Wrestling

TAIKOPROJECT (Japanese Drum Group from Los Angeles, California)

Tea Ceremony

10tecomai (High-energy Dance Fusion)