The Japan-America Society of Indiana offers two different streams of programming: business and cultural.

business programJASI's business programming aims to educate its corporate members and the international business community on current issues in the Japan-U.S. relationship. JASI offers seminars for Americans on how to effectively conduct business relationships and management seminars in Japanese for Japanese executives. Corporate programs also include lectures, orientations, and industry-specific conferences.

culture programJASI's cultural programming offers individuals the chance to experience the culture of Japan through cultural events, lectures, festivals, and performances. Uniquely rich in its cultural offerings, the country of Japan is brought to life here in Indiana by Japanese volunteers, expert speakers, artists, and musicians. JASI offers a variety of programs focusing on contemporary Japanese society and modern-day life in Japan, as well as on traditional arts and ancient customs. Lecture programs focus on issues facing Japan such as the economy, environment, youth and education, the aging society, the evolving roles of women, etc. Make friends and experience the heart of Japan through JASI's cultural offerings.